Blockchain Knowledge Growth

Membership Access Passes

There are two membership access passes in the CareBuds Ecosystem:

  • CannaBuds Key Card
  • Grow Op Farmers Card
  • Access Passes Available on BSC & ETH

420 Token | BSC

Buds Token | BSC

  • Rewards Token with Transaction Fees | Tokenomics
  • Pay for Farm Upgrades in Grow Op
  • Pay for Farm Security “Salary”
  • Join Raffles for Grow Op Plants
  • Verified Smart Contract on BSC
  • Tradable on FegExchange

Grow Op Farmers Card NFT

  • Required Key Card to Grow Op Farms
  • Mint with 420 Tokens on BSC
  • Tradable on Secondary Marketplace
  • More to Be Revealed Soon…

CannaBuds Directory

  • 420 Friendly Business Directory
  • Open to Public
  • NFT Token Gated Business Networking Boardroom
  • Mint a Key Card with 420 Tokens on BSC
  • Discounts to 420 Friendly Businesses