CareBuds Ecosystem

Tokens and Gamified NFTs, May the Best Growers Win

Grow Op Gamified NFTs

Weed Monsters Growing to Demystify the Stigma of Marijuana Use

420 Token | BSC

Required Mint Token for Grow Op
Accepted Form of Payment in All CareBuds Platforms

Buds Token | BSC

Rewards Token
Accepted Form of Payment for Grow Op Upgrades

Cultivation Studio

Membership Passes
Access to Grow Op
& CannaBuds Boardroom

NFT Partnerships

NFT IP Collaboration Network for Holders & Companies

Embark Exchange

Freelance Marketplace for Web3 Talents to Network & Provide Services

From friends hanging out in a Discord group to a solo dev building a community from the ground up, it’s been a rewarding journey.