NFT IP Partnership FAQ

Common Questions Regarding How NFT IP Partnership Works

It depends on the rules set by the NFT project team/founders. The best thing to do is reach out to the owners/team of the project and find out.

You can show companies that might be interested in licensing your NFT’s image for their businesses and/or production. For example, apparel brands might want to use your images to make special releases. Or, a company may be interested in licensing an image to use for a commercial.

It’s free, it’s a fun creative outlet for you to offer a back story for your NFTs. Stories sell. Readers are shoppers. Readers are also humans who may be working for companies or business owners. The more they get to know your NFTs, the more possibilities they may see.

NFT Partnership by CareBuds is 100% free to use. Every listing has an automatic 7-day expiration period that can be renewed indefinitely, absolutely free.

If you’d like to list your NFTs for a more extended period of time without worrying about renewals, we offer 30-day and 60-day packages for a fee.

When you first list your NFT, you’re able to select a “plan”, starting with the free tier. If you choose one of the paid plans, you’d be directed to a checkout page.

If you started out with a free listing and would like to upgrade, you can do so in your partnership dashboard or in the listing itself.

CareBuds accepts fiat & crypto payments, with discounts if you paid with 420 Token from the CareBuds Ecosystem. 420 Token is tradable on Pancakeswap on the BSC network. Check out the CareBuds docs for more info.

If you’d like to pay with 420 tokens and receive 30% discount on listing fees, please contact us.

You can add your NFT listing to NFT Partnership by CareBuds by clicking here. Fill out the form, upload your NFT’s image(s), and you’re good to go!

One of the best things to do is share your creative story or NFT listing with friends, family, and via your social media accounts.

Yes. We will be launching social media campaigns featuring your NFTs and crediting the holders.

The IP of an NFT is transferred to the new owner. If you sell the asset, you can no longer earn royalties on that particular licensed NFT image.

The sorting order of NFT listings is automatically set to display featured listings and most popular listings first. The popularity of listings is determined by how many bookmarks they have. The system is also set up to calculate listing popularities by each listing’s review rating.

You can buy add-ons in your partnership dashboard if you’re already on one of the premium plans. If you’re on a free plan, please contact us