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Grow Op Yield Bearing NFT Game

A fork Strainz, brand new plants and updated gamification aspects will begin a new chapter of groundbreaking farms!

  • Buy Seed Starters with 420 & Buds Tokens
  • NFT Plantz Yield BSC Tokens
  • Gamification Burning Mechanism & P2E
  • IRL Farming Experience on the Blockchain

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Epic stories brought together our tight knit communities, and we’d love for you to join us!

CareBuds Community

Humans rising together

The community of humans have been the driving force behind CareBuds Finance. We’d love to work with other passion projects and businesses!

Shafin Rizvi

Lead Developer

Currently working on Grow Ops, he is an avid crypto researcher, copywriter, and striving parkour athlete.

Derek Ryans

Founder of CareBuds

Chief of Crayons at CareBuds, content creator, and ecommerce consultant.
All he thinks about is food and changing the world.

“Cryptocurrency opens up opportunities for average humans to change their lives. Blockchain technology has enabled us to craft our dreams in ways that we’ve never imagined. This is a great time to build and an even better time to learn the foundations of decentralized finance.”

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